Atlohsa’s Indigenous Healing Space at LHSC has changed its name

Manager of Healing Services and Liaison, Dylan White. | Photo: LHSC

Kenkwite':ne Healing Space  

Kenkwite':ne is a Mohawk concept that was shared by the designer of the Indigenous Healing Space Bill Hill, who is the Director of Indigenous Mental Wellness at Atlohsa Family Healing Services and a Mohawk from Six Nations. Translated into English this word means ‘The Spring’. The concept of Kenkwite’:ne speaks to the idea of creating a safe environment for a seed to grow in. The seed in this context, is a hidden health. By creating the conditions for growth, and the work being done in this healing space, it is akin to tending the soil, providing sunlight, adding water, love, song; all that is required for the seed to germinate and foster growth. This healing space is this environment. 

Atlohsa’s Indigenous Community Liaison Role at LHSC

In addition to supervising the Kenkwite':ne Healing Space at Victoria Hospital, Dylan White will be in a new exciting role as Atlohsa’s community Liaison at LHSC. This means that Dylan will serve as the primary contact between Atlohsa Family Healing Services/LHSC and the surrounding Indigenous communities for all engagement activities. The Indigenous Liaison's roles and responsibIlities include:

  • Building and sustaining relationships with Indigenous communities and agencies, while supporting LHSC staff to implement culturally sensitive care specific to their roles.
  • Working with communities to co-construct a plan for LHSC to further advance Indigenous health equity.
  • Providing leadership and organization for the delivery of department services at LHSC being directed by the voice of Indigenous agencies and Indigenous community members.
  • Conveying the needs of Indigenous community members into execution, by working with internal and external stakeholders to achieve the necessary outcomes to ensure Indigenous community member voices are heard within each department of LHSC.

Community Healing Garden at London Health Sciences Centre Coming Soon!

Atlohsa’s Community Liaison had his first engagement with six First Nation Health Directors that surround the land London Health Sciences Centre sits on. It was a precedent setting day for LHSC to understand the importance of involving our FNMI communities in the development of services that impact our community members. Each one of these First Nation Health Directors sat in circle with the CEO of LHSC, Jackie Schleifer Taylor and had an opportunity to make sure their voice was acknowledged, affirmed and reflected in the creation of LHSC’s Healing Garden.

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