Healing Space

Kenkwite':ne Healing Space

A culturally safe space that brings your home community to you

It is our unified goal to support First Nations, Métis and Inuit patients and families to overcome barriers in health-care treatment by providing a safe and familiar environment.

The Kenkwite':ne Healing Space, located in Victoria Hospital, is available to Indigenous patients, families and all staff at London Health Sciences Centre (LHSC). This dedicated space provides a culturally informed environment of care by integrating Indigenous approaches to healthcare and healing.

The Kenkwite':ne Healing Space is also available to other Indigenous healthcare agencies as a dedicated space for providing services to their participants, should they require hospitalization.

Kenkwite':ne (Mohawk: "The Spring") is a concept that speaks to the idea of creating a safe environment for a seed to grow in. 


Kenkwite':ne is a Mohawk concept that was shared by the designer of the Indigenous Healing Space Bill Hill, who is the Director of Indigenous Mental Wellness at Atlohsa Family Healing Services and a Mohawk from Six Nations.

Dylan White at LHSC

How it Works

The Manager of Healing Services will enhance the care experience of Indigenous patients and families at LHSC by providing and coordinating access to ceremony and other traditional healing practices in the Indigenous Healing Space. Access to supports may include:

  • Sharing circles, smudging, ceremony, drumming circles, and teachings from Elders/Knowledge Keepers.
  • Coordinating with other Indigenous health agencies providing care to patients at LHSC.
  • Connecting patients to aftercare supports.
  • Learning opportunities for healthcare providers at LHSC.
Mural of a group of Indigenous people with an eagle and flowers Ka-Bzindaadmin (Voice to Voice) | Artist: Tsista Kennedy

Accessing the Program

The program is available by referral to First Nations, Métis and Inuit patients and their families. Patients and families may self-refer directly through the Indigenous Healing Services Advisor. Healthcare providers and community agencies may also make referrals.

For referrals and further information about our programs and services: