24-HR Emergency Women’s Shelter

Zhaawanong 24-Hr Emergency Women’s Shelter

CRISIS LINE 1-800-605-7477

Since 1992, Zhaawanong 24-hr emergency women’s shelter has provided Indigenous-led shelter and support for First Nations women and their children who are at risk of violence, abuse and/or homelessness.

The Shelter

For the women and children that stay at Zhaawanong, it isn’t a shelter or even a house… it’s a home. A place that, for many, represents the first time they’ve ever felt a sense of safety and belonging. The term “zhaawanong” means “south” in the Ojibwe language. This direction signifies warmth, change, nurturance, growth and renewal. 

Our Services

We provide a safe and supportive healing environment, as well as intervention and crisis counseling for women and their children. This includes:

  • Traditional healing circles
  • Safety planning
  • Financial resources
  • Housing
  • Emergency transportation
  • Advocacy and referrals to services
  • Promotion of overall health and wellness

By helping women and their children break free from the cycle of violence, Zhaawanong improves quality of life and helps to build stronger, healthier, safer communities.


    If you are in crisis, please call 1-800-605-7477
    Zhaawanong Shelter: 256 Hill St. London, Ontario
    Phone: 519-432-2270
    Fax: 519-423-2284

    Support Indigenous Women and Children in Need

    Everyday, Indigenous women and their families face challenges and hardships that can make it difficult to find safety and security. With your help, we can provide more resources, support, and advocacy for those who have found the strength and courage to ask for help.