Wiigiwaminaan Indigenous-led Hub

Launched in December 2021, the Wiigiwaaminaan Winter Response Program, a partnership between Atlohsa Family Healing Services, St. Joseph's Health Care London, and the City of London, has now evolved into the Wiigiwaaminaan Indigenous-focused Hub. This development represents a significant expansion of our commitment to address Indigenous homelessness, beyond just the winter months. The name Wiigiwaaminaan, which means "Our lodge we collectively look after" in Anishnaabemowin, reflects our ethos of shared responsibility and community care.

The shelter is located next to Parkwood Institute and is uniquely positioned to provide culturally appropriate care for Indigenous people experiencing homelessness. Operating under an Indigenized Housing First model articulated in the Giwetashkad Indigenous Homelessness Strategic Plan, our hub extends its focus beyond providing shelter. We recognize the access to land as a fundamental element in addressing Indigenous homelessness, emphasizing land-based healing and spiritual connection.

The hub also incorporates the Southwest Healing Lodge program, further enriching the services provided. This program offers cultural activities, such as Sweat Lodge Healing Ceremonies, Drum Groups, and Community Fire Gatherings, which are pivotal to our holistic approach to care and healing.

    Year-round support and shelter

    Transitioning from a seasonal program to a year-round hub, we now offer continuous support to individuals experiencing unsheltered homelessness. Wiigiwaaminaan provides not just a warm and safe shelter but also a culturally resonant space where individuals can receive support and services attuned to their needs.

    Committed to advocating for land-based solutions to Indigenous homelessness

    The strategic partnership with St. Joseph's Health Care London and the City of London empowers Atlohsa to provide an Indigenous-led homelessness response that supports land-based programming for Indigenous people.

    Join Us in Making a Lasting Difference

    The transition of the Wiigiwaaminaan Winter Response Program into a permanent hub is a crucial step in our journey to support Indigenous people facing homelessness. Your support is more important than ever. We invite you to join us in this vital mission. By donating, you contribute directly to providing continuous support to Indigenous individuals in need, helping them to find not just shelter but a pathway to healing and stability.