Atlohsa to Establish Indigenous-led Hub in Collaboration with City of London

LONDON, ON – As part of its larger Whole of Community Response to homelessness, the London City Council has given the green light to Atlohsa Family Healing Services to operate an Indigenous-focused hub, Wiigiwaaminaan, from its existing location at 550 Wellington Road.

A cornerstone in Indigenous-led shelter services since 1986, Atlohsa Family Healing Services will further its mission with this new hub, specifically tailored to address Indigenous homelessness in London.

“We are honoured to receive the City’s endorsement for our Hub Proposal,” stated Joseph Wabegijig, Executive Director of Atlohsa Family Healing Services. “This marks not just an expansion of our services but a reinforcement of our commitment to offer culturally safe care and holistic wellness. Our hub goes beyond immediate relief - it's about empowerment and sustainable futures.”

Atlohsa's initiative is anchored in the Giwetashkad Indigenous Homelessness Strategic Plan. By leveraging its vast experience in various housing and homeless programs, the hub, based at St. Joseph’s Health Care London’s Parkwood Institute, will provide 28 transitional and respite beds, embodying the essence of Wiigiwaaminaan – "the lodge we collectively take care of" in Ojibwe.

Further enriching the services, Atlohsa will ensure a broad spectrum of support, including primary health care, Indigenous mental health and psychiatry supports, and a land-based healing lodge program. Our collaboration with the City of London and St. Joseph’s Health Care London emphasizes a unified approach to address the issue, ensuring the dignity and well-being of every community member.

Renovations and upgrades including the addition of 10 single transitional pallet homes, a clinical exam room, and updated amenities will transform the hub into a nurturing environment that enables us to provide lifesaving supports to our unsheltered relatives.

Stay updated on the City of London’s Hubs Implementation Plan.