Join us as we come together to honour our past and present relatives.

National Day for Truth and Reconciliation

September 30 is the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation, a day to honour those who survived residential schools and to remember those who did not. It is also an opportunity to create meaningful discussions, to build awareness of the legacy and lasting impacts of residential schools and to inspire action, hope and healing.

To mark the day, we are inviting everyone to join us as we come together for a gathering at The Green (Wortley Village) from 10am - 3pm. The gathering will feature Singing, Dancing, Prayer, Information Booths, and more.

A few important things to remember:

  • Wear orange in solidarity (but remember that reconciliation goes far beyond wearing orange).
  • Help make this an Earth friendly gathering. Please bring your own feast kit and refillable water bottle - City of London Thirststation on site!
  • Attend with an open heart and mind.
  • More importantly, please be kind.

If you want to volunteer at this gathering, please sign up here.

    Daniel Deleary, Emcee

    Biindigegizhig otherwise known as Daniel Deleary is an Anishinabe from the Loon Clan. He is a recognized leader within the Three Fires Midewiwin Lodge and by many Anishinabek communities within Canada and the United States as a spiritual and cultural knowledge practitioner.

    What you'll see:

    Lighting of the Fire

    Fire will be lit at 7am, led by Dennis Whiteye

    Jingle Dress Dance

    Jingle Dress Dance starts at 11am, led by Sierra Jamieson.

    Smoke Dance

    Smoke Dance starts at 2pm, led by Tammy Doxtator and Chief Todd Cornelius.

    Language Sessions

    30-minute language sessions led by Mario Wassaykeesic. Oneida (Lotunt Honyust) / Mohawk (Wes Whetung) / Lenaape (Velma Noah) / Ojibwe / (Monty McGahey II)

    Education Booths

    Drop by our information booths for education resources on truth and reconciliation.

    Elders' Care

    Singing and Drumming

    Food Vendors

    A community initiative by:

    Miigwech, Yaw^ko, Anushiik (Thank You) to our sponsors: